Uniforms are one of the most visible expressions of your brand or organization. They inspire professionalism and trust. They protect your workers and help them perform better. Uniforms help define roles and establish credibility in a way that’s personal, aspirational, consistent, and controlled. Anyone wearing one is instantly recognizable as a representative of your company or government agency.

Image Authority designs and manages uniform programs for large government agencies and private organizations. We handle all of the details that go into outfitting millions of workers around the world with uniforms and accessories. It’s not just shirts and pants, though. Uniform programs are complex systems that require extensive planning and coordination, and a sound strategy informed by decades of experience.

Successful uniform programs begin by matching a dedicated Image Authority program manager with your leadership team to understand the vision and identify important details around design, materials, and functionality. Our program managers are part consultant and part concierge. Each has years of direct experience that provides an expert perspective on effective tactics and potential problems. They operate with a servicefirst attitude designed to reduce the burdens and pressures of running complex uniform programs.

After the foundational work is complete, we take over to manage sourcing, inventory, customization, ordering, and fulfillment. To the average worker ordering a uniform, it seems as easy as a few clicks online even though behind the scenes, each click activates a complicated process built just for your brand.

All uniform programs are complex, but the right partner makes it easy to look beyond the obvious and build a program that operates as seamlessly as what the average worker experiences.