We are a team of pros focused entirely on creating and managing complex uniform programs. We are experts in design, sourcing, order management, and fulfillment. We’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the world and outfitted millions of workers. And behind all of it is our team of experienced industry veterans who understand every component and detail of this business. Lean on our team. Ask questions. Learn how your uniform program can be much more than just shirts and pants. Each one is a pro who’s ready to assist.


Vice President and General Manager

In 1989, Jeremy was working for a large Nashville-based accounting firm that counted Workwear Outfitters as a client. He was presented with an opportunity to join the client’s finance and accounting team that year and made the move that would prove to be a perfect match for him. Now In his 35th year with Image Authority, Jeremy is one of the most respected professionals in the industry. With his 360-degree perspective, Jeremy works closely with customers including Fortune 100 companies and large government agencies to develop and optimize programs that outfit millions of workers. Jeremy’s passion for the business is evident every day. He is tireless in his pursuit of innovation and growth yet remains accessible and energized to dig into the day-to-day issues that impact Image Authority’s customers, employees, suppliers, and vendors. At his core, Jeremy is a team builder so it is no surprise that his favorite uniform can be found on the backs of his favorite men’s college basketball team.


Director of National Accounts

Scott’s introduction to the apparel industry got off to a fast start when he joined the company that developed custom apparel for top NASCAR teams in 1994. Over his 30 plus year apparel career Scott has gained experience in many industries and has traveled extensively, giving him a global understanding and perspective. Scott is a proud Englishman, a charismatic leader with a solutions mindset. In his role at Image Authority Scott is developing relationships with our customer’s and looking for ways that we can improve in all areas of our managed programs to make the uniform experience for their employees as seamless as possible. Scott provides expert advice informed by decades of experience and an appreciation for the pressures customers face and the needs they have. He is a trusted partner, an inspiring manager, and most importantly, someone who fully understands that this industry is built on relationships. Scott loves competition. It is as evident in the methodical, studied way he approaches business as it is on the Football (Soccer) Pitch or on the golf course.


Senior Manager, Managed Programs

Brett Fogle joined Image Authority in 1989. He spent his first 30 years with the company in the IT department developing systems and software that increased efficiency and streamlined ordering, fulfillment, and operations. He understands the backend processes that power our business and knows how to optimize programs to take full advantage of the tools he helped create. Brett is a rare tech-savvy manager who also has strong communication skills. It makes him an exceptional problem solver who can quickly translate his understanding of complex issues into workable solutions. In his role as senior program manager, Brett works closely with large government agencies to manage complicated uniform programs that require a blend of strategic oversight and detail-oriented tasks associated with day-to-day operations. Brett is an avid sports fan who also enjoys spending time with family and supporting his community through acts of service.


Senior Manager, Managed Programs

Julia Baldridge understands what goes into managing a successful uniform program. She knows the issues customers face, the frustration they sometimes feel, and the satisfaction they get when everything goes smoothly. Julia understands all of this because before she joined Image Authority, she was a customer. She’s worn a uniform and appreciates how important comfort, quality, and fit are. Today, the lessons she learned on the other side of the table combined with years of experience managing programs for government and private sector customers to provide a broad perspective on how uniform programs should work. Her customer-first view has helped shape the way we do business and focused our team on being responsive, informed, and flexible. Julia’s flexibility also extends to her personal life. She enjoys practicing yoga, entertaining, and all things related to real estate and home improvements.


Senior Manager, Managed Programs

Jenny Brennan has spent most of her career with Image Authority. After earning her MBA in supply chain management, she began working in our compliance and sourcing group in 2007. She moved into program management five years later. Jenny understands every facet of the business and after spending time in different departments across Image Authority and Workwear Outfitters, knows how to navigate internally to get things done. Her measures of success are customer satisfaction and relationship longevity. She actively seeks new challenges that push her into new territory both professionally and personally. A 8-time half marathon finisher, her venturesome spirit has led her to the stands of many Major League Baseball Park and through the gates of many of the US National parks.


Senior Manager, Managed Programs

Brad Schenk has been part of the Image Authority team for more than 20 years. He works primarily with large government accounts that involve outfitting tens of thousands of agents and staff members. Brad has a background in data analytics and software development that provides him with the tools needed to optimize uniform programs and manage complex requirements. Brad immerses himself in his customers’ businesses to design programs that align with their mission and support their goals. He is flexible and composed with an attitude that reflects confidence and calm even under stress. Brad is a lifelong learner, always in search of knowledge and new discoveries. He’s often found listening to audiobooks, except when he’s chasing a pickleball around the court.